Site Information

I believe in giving credit where credit’s due, so here is some information about how I built this site and how you might build one of your own.


I chose to use a static site generator for a series of reasons you can read all about Static sites are the rising stars of front-end development and they let hobbyists create and deploy sites easily, securly and for free without a heavy backend database. I chose to use Hugo because its file strucutre and taxonomies seemed logical to me, its build speed is insanely fast and it supports lots of things out of the box without the need for plugins. It also has a vibrent community in case you’re looking for support. Bjørn Erik Pedersen and the other contributors are doing an amazing job!

Learning Hugo

I turned to Mike Dane’s Giraffe Academy to learn Hugo. I highly recommend it if you’re into video learning.


I host my source code on a private and free GitHub repository.


Although there are lots of ways of hosting static sites and apps, I’ve found Netlify to offer an amazingly simply UI and workflow for novices, and the free tier doesn’t hurt either.

CSS and Layout

I’ve fallen in love with TailwindCSS 😍. It’s extremely powerful and not opinionated about how things should look. And it’s truley mobile-first. Check it out!

TailwindCSS with Hugo

I forked Dirk Olbrich’s Hugo Starter Theme with Tailwindcss to get a head start with TailwindCSS and Hugo Pipes. It was a great starting point and really let me make the site my own.

General Front-End Skills

I can only whole-heartedly recommend Michael Hartl’s Learn Enough to be Dangerous to get yourself up to speed on Command Line, Git, HTML, CSS, and Javascript.


Any illustrations you see on this site are from Undraw. Katerina Limpitsouni did an amazing job and I wish I had the artistic ability to create something original like it for myself, but I don’t.

Design and Functionality Inspiration